Test 1 - Universal Harmony MP3

This purification track brings everything back into harmony, finally dissolving pain. Return all actions, problems and situations to the one frequency where they unify and cancel out – neither blaming nor analysing, just re-setting your course. Anchor yourself in the one momentum which brings everything together; takes responsibility; and keeps on doing what must be done until absolutely everything is put right.


Test Product. When we realise that life is just about putting things right, all pain disappears. It sounds like a simple recipe, and actually, it is.

Universal harmony instantly restores when we come to the place in ourselves where we are ready to say and do what we need to. We take responsibility for what is, regardless of the reasons, and because we finally want a different course based in physically saying and doing the right thing from deep within ourselves, we cancel out blame and imbalance.

This dynamic resolves any situation and can defeat even the greatest, seemingly negative force – because it reconciles everything in pure love. Our patterns are subsumed by another current which instantly purifies and transforms them. The slave self is nowhere in evidence and peace once again prevails.